Giving our customers the best fitted solution for their specific needs is our number 1 priority. We look at our clients business processes first. We understand how they can be digitalized in an efficient, customer-centric way, with an excellent user experience. This as opposed to the traditional feature and product based thinking a lot of Software Partners unfortunately still do.

Very much in line with this philosophy, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially partnered with proMX. This partnership allows us to extend our offering for the SMB market with strongly customizable Project Automation solutions designed with a high level of flexibility to be adaptable to specific customer needs.

Who is proMX?

ProMX, one of the top Dynamics 365 ISV providers, is a Germany based Microsoft Partner that has been around for over 20 years. They have an unmatched experience in implementing Project and Project Resource Management in Dynamics 365, using both Microsoft Project Automation and their proprietary solution proRM Fast Start.

What’s in it for your customers?

With this partnership, we combine the strengths of proMX’s proven track record in Project Management software, with our are agile customer-centric approach. Our customers reap the benefits from years of industry experience bundled in the proMX solutions, combined with the agility and effectiveness with which Thrives implements Customer Relationship Management strategies.

Interested in finding out the unlimited possibilities of managing your projects and project resource planning with Dynamics 365? Ready to experience a truly seamless integration with your Project Management suite and tools like Microsoft Teams, Office, and many more? Get in touch, we’ll gladly set up a free demo for you!