If you made it this far through our site, we’re going to assume that you know what we offer our customers. What you may not know, is what we offer our employees. We care about individuals, and great people. We prefer motivation above experience, personality above so-called proven track records.

So if you’re not looking for a job where you’ll fade away behind walls of bureaucracy, if you don’t want to have a handful of managers above you, then Thrives might just be the place your looking for. We offer a horizontal structure, where everyone knows everyone and everyone’s input matters just as much as the others. Of course, we offer expertise, training and career plans… But we also offer a fridge filled with drinks (beer included), a gaming console to ease the tension and a place where you can feel at home. You spend a big part of your life working, so you might as well enjoy it.

Need to work from home a day or maybe more, just to dodge a virus or something? Sure, why not. Need some last minute leave? Don’t worry. No ‘flexible hours, as long as you start between 8.03 and 8.12’ mambo-jumbo, but real flexibility. We’re a team, and the only way we can achieve great success, is through happy and motivated team members.

As a Junior/Medior c# Developer you will be…

  • Actively participating in the product road map.
  • Maintaining existing products.
  • Developing new products.
  • Building great stuff on top of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

We expect you to have…

  • [A passion for code;
  • Experience with c# and OOP
  • Some experience with integrating applications and services
  • A strong drive and a mind of your own;
  • Creative problem solving mindset;
  • Knowledge of JavaScript / HTML / CSS is a plus]

It would be really great if…

  • You have experience with ODATA / Web Api;
  • You’re familiar with Dynamics 365.
  • You could showcase something you’re proud of.
  • You like coffee .

In return we offer you…

  • An environment that stimulates creativity.
  • A place where you can gain experience at an incredible pace.
  • Great coffee ☕.
  • A excellent salary.
  • The usual benefits (yes, that includes company car, hospitalization, pension savings plan, meal vouchers)

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