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If you made it this far through our site (www.thrives.be), we’re going to assume that you know what we offer our customers. What you may not know, is what we offer our employees. We care about individuals, and great people. We prefer motivation above experience, personality above so-called proven track records.

So if you’re not looking for a job where you’ll fade away behind walls of bureaucracy, if you don’t want to have a handful of managers above you, then Thrives might just be the place your looking for. We offer a horizontal structure, where everyone knows everyone and everyone’s input matters just as much as the others. Of course, we offer expertise, training and career plans… But we also offer a fridge filled with drinks, a cosy corner to ease the tension and a place where you can feel at home. You spend a big part of your life working, so you might as well enjoy it.

Need to work from home a day or maybe more, just to dodge a virus or something? Sure, why not. Need some last minute leave? Don’t worry. Flexibility is key. We’re a team, and the only way we can achieve great success, is through happy and motivated team members.

So what does that mean?

Here’s what a typical week would look like.

You arrive at the office, grab a coffee and go through your mails. Later on, you’ve blocked some time in your schedule to follow up and assist with a client who went live with some features on Friday. You explain a change needed to one of the developers so he gets a better understanding of what is needed and when this should be finished to continue your work.

Tuesday kicks off with a short online demo of our kickstart app to a prospect who wants to see this solution up-close. Once this is done it’s time for a coffee and check some of the customer support cases. Recently there was a big release announced by Microsoft so you have blocked some time in the afternoon to investigate a couple of cool new features introduced. This ensures that you can give your customers the correct insights when asked.

You have to drop the kids off at school, so you work from home today. You have a couple of online meetings in the morning, one of them is following up on the development discussed on Monday so you can proceed with the changes in the customers sales process once the development is finished. In the afternoon, we have an internal team kick-off for a new project that is about to start.

Focus Time! Today you will integrate the development that was finished yesterday which will consume a big chunk of your day. But your goal is to get this finished today so the customer can test and (hopefully) approve the changes at the beginning of next week.

You’re up early, as you will be visiting a customer today to discuss the next phase of the Dynamics implementation (cross the t’s and dot the i’s).
In the afternoon you work from home as you need to prepare for an upcoming exam and want to start the weekend at around 15:30 as you’re enjoying a weekend at the seaside.

As a functional lead you…

  • Focus on projects for our SME customers.
  • Capture our customer’s sales and services requirements.
  • Organize meetings/workshops and fit-gap sessions with stakeholders.
  • Transfer and explain technical work to the technical colleagues.
  • Perform configuration yourself based on Dynamics 365 CE / PowerApps.
  • Take responsibility in the delivered endresult by testing the changes done by technical colleagues from an end user point of view.
  • Occasionally provide training to the users of the customer on the out of the box functionality and the implemented changes.
  • Are the customer’s SPOC from implementation to Go-Live.
  • As your experience increases you will participate in presales activities and demos.

We are looking for someone…

  • With an analytical mindset and being tech savvy is key.
  • Who likes working with people.
  • Is a no-nonsense, “yes we can” person. With a team player attitude!
  • Customer-oriented and that loves a challenge!
  • Who masters Dutch, English and preferably also French.
  • Having professional experience as functional analyst or Dynamics CE/Power Platform customizer is a plus.
  • Did we already mention we’re looking for a team player?

How will we help you get there?

  • With an analytical mindset and being tech savvy is key.
  • We assist you in learning, training and obtaining your certifications, through hands-on team effort.
  • We provide a supporting environment where it’s ok to make mistakes…
  • After all, you learn through your mistakes.
  • You have access to the knowledge of your colleagues!
  • Attitude and being a team player… that is totally your doing!

What we offer

  • You will end up in a young and stable business environment where you will be challenged daily with varied projects and where you will come into contact with customers from very different sectors.
  • Flexible and fun work environment
  • You will receive an attractive salary with a company car and numerous fringe benefits.
  • We have an eye for a good work-life balance with flexible hours, working from home and an easily accessible location.

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