Up until now, CRM Portals acted mostly as a self-service customer service for existing clients. It’s traditionally a place where they can follow up on existing orders, tickets, projects and so on. However, there is a whole lot more potential to your CRM Portal which you can be exploiting!

Your Dynamics 365 CRM implementation provides support for your Sales department, Marketing department and your Service Center. Heck, your Accounting department is probably even using it.

But for all of the business processes that your CRM implementation covers at the back-end of your business, how much does it actually engage with your customers? Is your CRM actually boosting your sales? Is it increasing the rate of incoming leads? Or is it “merely” a tool to streamline your business processes behind the screens?

CRM Portals meets Digital Marketing

If you replied yes to my last question above… Have you ever wondered why it’s like this? Why don’t you use your CRM Portal to drive the number of incoming leads? Why are you not up selling your products to existing customers? After all, you having everything you need when combining the strength of Dynamics 365 with CRM Portals. So let’s get your CRM Portal generating leads for you!
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Call to Actions

The single best example of how to easily increase your leads with Dynamics 365 is the use of CTA’s (call to actions) on your portal.
Wikipedia describes a call to action as follows:

It refers to any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.

[bra_divider height=’0′]The goal of call to actions is to engage your (potential) customer. Very often, simple things like a button on your website, an email subscription field or even just a clickable banner do the trick. There are three important steps to every effective CTA’s: EncourageInstructUrge.

  • Encourage your visitor by offering a risk-free offer. Offer for example free trials. Let them know your CTA is a no strings attached deal.
  • Instruct the visitor what he or she needs to do. Keep it simple like “Click the button below” of “Fill out your email here”. This is a very important, often overlooked step. Just because you think it’s obvious, doesn’t mean your target thinks so too.
  • Encourage them to act now. It’s important to create a sense of urgency with the customer. Try to use phrases like “Learn more about our limited offer today”, “Click the button below and get started right away”.

Within CRM Portals, it’s possible to create beautifully crafted call to actions that not only draw the attention of your (potential) customer but also immediately captures their valuable feedback in your Dynamics 365. It’s a super efficient way to promote up selling, gather Email Subscribers and generate new leads. When done right, it’s a guaranteed formula for increasing your incoming leads or sales.

So it’s like CRM Portals on steroids?

Pretty much… Except that these CRM Portal steroids are completely side-effect free. Furthermore, the WADA or any other committee have not banned these tricks yet! There’s absolutely no downside to this at all!

But don’t just take our word for it… Boost your CRM portal today by filling out the awesome CTA on this page right away!