Have you ever encountered having to update a field in a workflow only to realize that the field is read-only on the form and therefore also read-only in your workflow designer?

Update read-only fields in a dynamics crm workflow


To work around this issue you’re left with a few options:

  • Switch between forms and choose a form that does not have the field, or has the field as editable. Since the workflow designer uses your ‘Sticky’ Form, you will then be able to update the field.
  • Go to your Form customizations, uncheck Field is read-only, publish, go back to your workflow, update your workflow, go back to your form and set the field read-only again… ouch!!



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Today I faced the exact same issue. I needed to update the currency field of the campaign entity, which is read-only in the workflow designer. We didn’t have alternative forms and because it was a user owned workflow to be created in a production environment, I couldn’t change the behavior of the field and perform a publish. It was pretty obvious neither of the solutions above were viable in my situation. So I searched for a workaround… and I found one! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open your workflow designer in Chrome, and open up the Update Step which contains the field you want to update. [bra_divider height=’10’]
  2. Hit F12 to start the Developer Tools [bra_divider height=’10’]
  3. Click the arrow Icon in the Dev Tools. This allows you to select HTML elements on your Update Page.
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  4. Select the Currency Lookup Image (in my case), or the field you wish to update.
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  5. Now in your DevTools, you need to make the following changes to the HTML of the img tag:
    1. donotsubmit=”0″ (instead of donotsubmit=”1″)
    2. forcesubmit=”true” (instead of forcesubmit=”false”)
    3. lookupdisabled=”false” (instead of lookupdisabled=”true”)devtools4 [bra_divider height=’10’]
  6. Go back to the Update Page. Even though the lookup will still look read-only, it is now clickable and you can enter a value as you would otherwise!
    devtools3 [bra_divider height=’10’]
  7. Select the value you desire and press Save and close.[bra_divider height=’10’]

Congratulations, you just updated a read-only lookup field through the Workflow Designer interface! Well done!
Keep in mind that this little trick is unsupported and might not continue to work in future versions of CRM.

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