Recently, I noticed some weird behavior on grid buttons in the Unified Interface client.
It was working properly on legacy UI, but the button now disappears whenever I select one or more records.
This left me confused because I was not expecting this kind of behavior.

After consulting my good friend Google, I stumbled upon this Microsoft documentation.
In the Unified Interface client, grid buttons are considered either “item specific” or not, and only item specific buttons are shown when one or more items are selected, while non “item specific” buttons are shown otherwise.


  1. Create a solution and add the regarding entity.
  2. Open the Ribbon Workbench plugin from XrmToolbox and open your solution.
  3. Add new Enabled rule with below settings
    Id : Mscrm.AnySelection
    Is Core : True
  4. Associate this enabled rule with Button Command and publish your changes.


You button will now be visible regardless of the record selection.