Recently I received the following requirement from a customer.
“Could you please create a view that lists all active contacts that received a survey invitation but did not yet answer this survey.”

Fairly easy, right! So I drafted up an example using advanced find using the following query.

Great! So let’s make a system view out of this so users can access this view.

This is where we run into some limitations of the system as we cannot use the ‘does not contain data’ filter on system views.

However, as Microsoft wants us to use the PowerApps environment to perform our customizations, I have a second chance.
And will you look at that, we actually can do this here!

BUT… (of course there is a but, why else would I write about it ๐Ÿ˜‰)

… when you save the query and open your filter criteria again, this condition has magically disappeared.

As long as you don’t make changes to the existing filter, it will still work.
But the second you update an existing filter or add a new one, you loose the ‘does not contain data’ filter criteria and you view will not display the expected results anymore.

So you will have to remember to add this condition every time you make changes.


You can create a personal view and share this with the users, it’s not the perfect setup but it will work!
At least this way you don’t risk losing your ‘does not contain data’ filter and displaying wrong information to your customer.

Good news

Microsoft is aware of this behavior and there is already a work item open to fix this.
An ETA however has not yet been provided.