What’s going on with the “Read-only: You don’t have access to edit Cases.”?

During migration of Dynamics 365 on premise to online, we ran in to an issue that prevented us from creating or editing cases stating “Read-only: You don’t have access to edit Cases.”.

Read only record

Our first thought was that this was somehow related to licensing, which shouldn’t be as cases our part of the standard CDS model now.

After further investigating of the case entity settings. We noticed that the “read only on mobile” flag was checked. As this was also the case in their on-premise environment it got migrated with the entity metadata.

readonly setting

How to solve it

After unchecking the “read only on mobile” flag. The message “Read-only: You don’t have access to edit Cases.” Disappeared. And we are able to create and update cases as we would expect.

Important side note, is that we couldn’t change this setting from the new editor experience in the make portal. As this setting isn’t available there (yet?)…

make portal missing setting

What is causing this? (Work In Progress)

Well the jury is still out on this one…

I expected that the code that is responsible to detect which UI you are using, identifies the Unified Interface as mobile. But when I check the feedback from “Xrm.Utility.getGlobalContext().client” it appears to be identified correctly.Console response context.client



I didn’t had the chance to have a closer look and analyze how exactly they determine when the mobile read-only should kick in.
Once I’ve had the chance to have a closer look I will post my finding here. Or even beter If anyone has an answer please comment below ☟.