Microsoft recently introduced Microsoft Forms, which is now in preview.
Forms is an easy way to interact with people and capture their feedback.
Responses are saved directly as a form response with native export to excel capabilities.

But more important Microsoft Flow has a building trigger that can kick off a flow when a new response is submitted.

Which means that we can capture information from our website as a contact form (forms can be embedded), popup questionairy, registration form on an exhibition, you name it….  And based on a flow create a record in Dynamics 365.

Exhibition Example

Creating a new Microsoft Form

Login on with your office 365 account, once logged in you will notice a interface similar to flow.

In the screenshot below you you will see the WYSIWIG editor to create or modify a form.

Add a Microsoft flow

Next I added a flow that would create a new contact for every submitted form.

End result

When submitting the form.

After a few minutes a new lead is created in Dynamics 365.


It’s still early to tell (it is in preview after all) but Microsoft Forms can have a lot of potential for quick at hoc scenario’s. Especially if they would add things like data driven picklists, querystring parameters (which would make it possible to send out forms and let people add or update information)

It certainly is not and shouldn’t be a replacement for a self-service portal. But it has the potential to be a great addition to the toolset of the creative codeless sales or marketing person who needs to capture information fast and for a short period of time.