As most of you already know, there are a ton of new features in the upcoming Dynamics 365: 2020 Release Wave 1. In this post, we’ll go in depth on how to enable the Enhanced Experience for adding products to Opportunities.

Please note that this feature is only available in the Unified Interface. 

Enabling the Enhanced Product Experience

After the Dynamics 365: 2020 Release Wave 1 has been applied to your organization you will need to perform the following steps to actually enable the enhanced experience. 

  1. Open the Sales Hub app 
  2. In the navigation, click Sales and then choose App Settings
     Dynamics 365 App Settings
  3. Click on the Product Catalog Settings tab and slide the Enhanced add product experience setting to true.
    Dynamics 365 Feature Settings
  4. Click apply to save the settings. 

Accessing the Enhanced Product Experience

On the Opportunity Product subgrid of the Opportunity record, you can now see a new button Add products, next to  the existing Add Product button. When clicking this new button, the Quick Create Opportunity Product pane opens. 

This new form shows four tabs: 

  • Products. This tab lists all the products and product bundles that are in the Active or Revised state. Along with entering the product name, it’s also possible for you to enter the price per unit and quantity. By default, 25 products are shown. Select Load more to see more products. On this tab, you can search and filter the list of products and select the one you want to add.If you’ve selected a price list for the opportunity, the product list is filtered to show only those product records that have the same price list associated. 
  • Recently Used. This tab lists the last 15 products that the currently logged-in user has recently added to any opportunity. 
  • Write-In. This tab lets you create and add a write-in product. 
  • Selected. This tab shows the count of the products selected to be added to the opportunity. Use this tab to verify or modify the final list of the items you’ve selected. 

Business value

Dynamics 365 Sales holds a vast amount of customer information that feeds into pipeline management, product procurement, and overall sales tracking. To ensure these are managed properly, opportunities must accurately reflect customer interest. To achieve this, sellers are required to update opportunities regularly to reflect the purchase intent for every product, as it arises, even if sellers manage a wide range of products. 

Keeping opportunities current competes with selling activities as well as many other repetitive tasks, which means oftentimes, product information is either excluded or not updated to reflect the latest customer interest. In the 2020 release wave 1, we simplify and expedite matching products to opportunities, reducing friction and motivating sellers. With this feature, sellers can add products quickly and intuitively, with minimal effort. 

Feature details

  • Look up products directly from the catalog: Search and find products based on free text across name and description columns within the Product entity. Filter products based on product family or predefined views to simplify and expedite finding the right product. 
  • Explore product details inline and compare products to make an informed selection: View additional information for each product before selecting it. 
  • Add multiple products at once: Select multiple products at the same time to save time and increase productivity.
    You can also combine existing products and write-in products at the same time 

Dynamics 365 - Add multiple products at once 1

Add Multiple Products at once 2

Add Multiple Products at once 3

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