With the release of Dynamics CRM 2013, Microsoft introduced Opportunity Sales Teams. The main feature of these Sales Teams is that they are based on Access Teams. This means that they provide access control and an easy way to collaborate on opportunities through out of the box functionalities. When you add a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user to an Opportunity Sales Team, two things happen underneath the hood:

  • CRM creates a Connection between the User and the Opportunity.
  • CRM adds the User to the access team linked to the opportunity.


Email a link to your Sales Team

But did you also know that Microsoft included a nifty little feature when using the Email a link button? By default, Dynamics CRM will automatically add all sales team members in the CC-field of your email. Assume we have the following Sales Team members on our opportunity:

Dynamics CRM Opportunity Sales Team Members

When we click the Email a link button in the opportunity ribbon, Dynamics CRM opens a new Outlook Email and prefills it with the Sales Team members in CC.
This saves the end user quite some time as he no longer has to add the required recipients himself.

Dynamics CRM - Sales Team Members as Outlook CC Recipients

Yet another little gem introduced by Microsoft which increases End User productivity!