It’s finally there; drag & drop functionalities within Dynamics CRM. For as long as I can remember, clients always wanted to simplify the process of uploading files in CRM. Granted, up until today adding a note in Dynamics CRM is one of the most clicky operations. If you’re now trying to count how many clicks it takes exactly to upload a file in CRM, don’t bother, I’ve done so for you:

Thrives - upload documents without drag & drop functionalities in dynamics crm

As you can see in the image above it takes a minimum of clicks, not including the clicks needed to actually select the file.
That’s an awful lot if you ask me.

Uploading simplified through the Document Attacher

We’ve created a solution that allows you to simplify this upload process and use simple drag & drop functionalities.
Watch the video below to see how it works.

The best part is that this solution works without any custom entities, configuration or other complicated stuff.
Simply import the solution, add the web resource to the notes-enabled entity and enjoy.
This solution fully supports the native Dynamics CRM behavior. This means that security settings and file types restrictions are applied.

Check out the full description of our Document Attacher on the product page and order you copy today!

Attention! Don’t throw away your computer mouse just yet. You still need it for those smooth drag & drop uploads ;-).